QWBC (PTY) LTD VAT Number: 4550273645 BBBEE: Level 4

Proud and committed member of the Unashamedly Ethical Community

Support-the-unemployed If you are unemployed, join our national sales network and earn a commission-­based income while you are job hunting
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What we do

QWBC (PTY) LTD (also known as Quintus Williamson Business Consult) is a professional management, business and information technology consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa. We operate, locally (Cape Town and surrounds), nationally (all provinces within the boundaries of South Africa) and internationally (anywhere in the world and with any client where QWBC can be of assistance to make a difference).

QWBC as service provider, have four primary operational objectives:

  1. Outsourced business services platform

    To provide a reliable, stable and cost effective business platform for all types of outsourced business services to small, medium and large corporate companies, government institutions, non-profit entities, entrepreneurs and individuals to help them save on their monthly operational overhead costs.

  2. Independent change management agent, business partner and facilitator

    To be a reliable change management agent, business partner and/or facilitator to our clients who need assistance with any change management initiative (of any sort) that they might embark on within their respective companies now or in the future.

  3. Business procurement and e-commerce platform

    To provide a highly cost effective, no frills and easy-to-use business procurement and e-commerce platform via our wholly owned subsidiary, SHOPMAX (PTY) LTD, to efficiently address all the business and office related needs of its loyal and established client base. Through our SHOPMAX e-commerce platform, clients are able to directly source both a wide range of business services, as well as various brand new business related products and office equipment (with all the standard warranties intact) from established brands at the most competitive prices within the business community. All physical products and office equipment procured through SHOPMAX, no matter the size and quantities of the orders, can be shipped directly to our clients' or sales executives' doorsteps anywhere in South Africa within 3-7 Working Days from receiving full payment and depending on stock levels at our various trusted suppliers.

  4. CSR Projects: Support-the-unemployed (STU) and other fundraising projects

    With the effective current South African unemployment rate between 25% - 35%, QWBC as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) are launching a project called "Support-the-Unemployed", whereby we envisage to find the means and focus our efforts to contribute positively and effectively towards addressing the unemployment crisis within our country by providing any unemployed individual regardless of race, age, gender and physical location, full access and the use of our low cost, reliable, trustworthy, easy-to-use and stable business services and e-commerce sales platform, in order to allow them to earn a stable commission based income during their periods of unemployment, preferably for periods not exceeding 6 - 24 months, and while they are actively busy securing other full time employment (Which QWBC will also assist them with). It is important to understand that each unemployed individual signing up for this initiative will do so as a totally independent contractor to QWBC, and will not become a part-time or full time employee of the organisation at any given point in time during the duration of fixed term contracts.

    A further part of QWBC's CSR outreach to people in need, is to utilise the QWBC/SHOPMAX platforms as a fund raising tool to assist registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisations in all regions across South Africa, with funding streams to allow them to provide their relevant services to people and communities in need.

    Read more about our CSR projects.